This is the first release that offers perfect music for the pre-fatigue and FTP test. Handpicked songs and powerful beats support you to generate your individual FTP value. Within the 6 parts in the 20-minute FTP test, the music is perfectly edited: Deep & Cool sound in the recovery phases and pushy and energetic tracks for the energetic parts.

To know your optimal Training and Power Zones it is essential to know your right FTP (FUNCTIONAL THRESHOLD POWER). FTP is one of the key factors of your power cycling armory. It's defined as the maximal power output that can be sustained for the duration of one hour. The higher your FTP, the stronger you are.

The key to successful training is to know your right FTP and this requires an FTP Test.

And that's exactly what this release is for! Powerful, handcrafted and perfectly edited beats and music for the various parts of the test. So it's easy and motivating for you to gain and increase your FTP! 

Attention! Don't forget: We just need the sustained value of power for the 20 Minutes! So it's important to restart your bike computer after the Pre-Fatigue (Track 1 to 4), respectively press the Lap Button on your Console on every ICG ® Bike. When the Test is done take your average power performance and subtract 5%. The remaining figure is your FTP.